Questions and Answers

What questions do you have?

This big Roadshow is going to hit more than a dozen cities this year. So people have questions. If you have questions, send them to me with the form below.

Here are the questions so far:

Q: Is this the same as last year’s “Cloud Roadshow”?

A: NO! This year’s show is all new material. Of course, if you attended last year’s event, you’ll recognize where we pick up the cloud conversation. But you’ll also see that this is all new material.

Q: If I paid for one city, can I switch to another city?

A: Yes! The prices are all the same. So if you registered and want to switch to another city/date, just send me an email.

Q: I registered for your seminar in November.  Is it possible to get the materials in advance so I don’t have to wait until November?

A: After you sign up, you will have access to all downloads. This includes recordings from the event. You will access them from the downloads page on this web site. Note, however, that there are no refunds once you access the download page.