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SMB Roadshow 2018

The Killer Combo:
Cloud Services and Managed Services


Agenda – Details 

Registration 12:30 PM – Seminar starts at 1:00 PM

Topic 1: The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules for a Successful IT Consultant

  • Deep dive into the 25 absolutely unbreakable rules of running a successful technology consulting business
  • Detailed examples with extra handouts, checklists, and examples

Topic 2: Cloud Services – 2018

  • Overview of cloud services today
  • Simplifying your offering – and making it more compelling
  • New clients versus existing clients

Topic 3: The Killer Combo – Managed Services and Cloud Services

  • Managed Services are Great; Cloud Services are Great; Together they guarantee extreme profitability
  • New bundles examples and price lists
  • Pricing strategies for the new era of MS + CS

… Followed by BeerFest 2018

– Details to be arranged with locals

Seminar Objectives

This is a workshop – which means you will leave with some real-world goals, and the tools to implement them.

The bottom line is always: We guarantee you’ll learn tips and best practices that will pay for this seminar! As always, Karl’s handouts, checklists, and worksheets will save you many hours labor.

First tip: If it takes you more than two hours to pay for this seminar – you’re not charging enough!

Many IT consultants use the term “managed services” but really just provide the same service they’ve always provided. Learn why that’s far less profitable than it should be!

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Karl’s 25 Absolutely Unbreakable Rules for IT Service Delivery
    • Karl managed dozens of technicians at a time before starting his own consulting business. Find out what that taught him.
    • Karl was Site Manager for PC Software Support at HP’s Roseville, CA plant – managing 25 technicians and responsible for 7,000 computers on 5,000 desktops. Find out what that taught him.
    • Karl has built and sold two successful managed service businesses. Find out what that taught him.
  •  Best practices for delivering service today
    • Getting the right clients
    • Getting the right tools
    • Creating awesome Standard Operating Procedures
  • Why you have to have a holistic approach to managing your consulting business
    • Why you can’t pick and choose best practices
    • Branding, hiring, training, service delivery, and getting paid: Four sides to the same objective

The bottom line: This is NOT a motivational, rah-rah-rah, “You can do it” presentation. This is a no-BS business improvement seminar. You will leave with the tools (worksheets/checklists) to refresh your business model and a thorough understanding of how all of this fits together to make you more successful.

Special Guests


Jennifer Field of Astek Marketing

Marketing- It Won’t Do Itself!

Jennifer will do a marketing deep dive specific to MSPs. This will include best practices, target market identification and how to grow your business strategically. If you have a marketing or sales question, this is the session to be in.

Jennifer has been working with MSPs for more than five years, implementing every aspect of the marketing process. For more information on Astek Marketing, visit

Richard Tubb is a long time coach from the UK who just happens to be available in early April, so I begged him to join me and he agreed. Richard and I also have a segment on the Frankly MSP podcast called What’s Going On.

I’ve been very lucky to visit Richard in the UK several times over the last few years. And I’m grateful to him for joining me here in the States!

Richard also has an excellent blog at

As you can see, The SMB Roadshow for 2018 has some amazing content. Please join us!



Target Audience

This all-day seminar is intended for any IT service provider who wants to stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques. Whether you make money on Break/Fix, Managed Services, or Cloud Services, this event will help you build a profitable business for years to come.

Money Back Guarantee

You need to make or save two hours of labor in order for this seminar to pay for itself. *

“Between the best practices and the labor-saving handouts, I guarantee this seminar will pay for itself.” – Karl W. Palachuk

If you implement five or more best practices, checklists, or worksheets from this seminar and do not make or save the price of admission within six months, send us a note. We will send you a full refund.

* Note: If you cannot pay for this seminar with two hours labor, you need to raise your rates. Just sayin.