2017 SMB Roadshow Dates/Cities

Join Karl for the Big 2017 Roadshow in one of these cities!

It will be 100% practical and up to date. This is an all-day seminar.



Roadshow Dates — all Cities: Only $599 !!!


Add to CartJuly 25th: Chicago, IL – Details

Add to CartJuly 27th: Detroit, MI – Details

Add to CartAugust 15th: London, UK – Details

Add to CartAugust 17th: Manchester, UK – Details

Add to CartAugust 22nd: Edinburgh, Scotland – Details

Add to CartAugust 24th, Dublin, Ireland – Details

Add to CartSeptember 19th: Nashville, TN – Details

Add to CartSeptember 21st: Atlanta, GA – Details

Add to CartOctober 10th: Adelaide, Australia – Details

Add to CartOctober 12th Melbourne, Australia – Details

Add to CartOctober 17th: Sydney, Australia – Details

Add to CartOctober 19th: Brisbane, Australia – Details

Add to CartNovember 14th: San Jose, CA – Details

Add to CartNovember 16th: Oakland, CA – Details

Add to CartDecember 8th: Las Vegas, NV – Details


Past Shows:

Add to CartJanuary 23rd: San Antonio, TX — Closed

Add to CartJanuary 25th: Houston, TX — Closed

Add to CartJanuary 27th: Dallas, TX  — Closed

Add to CartFebruary 21st: Port of Spain, Trinidad — Closed

Add to CartFebruary 23rd: Miami, FL  — Closed

Add to CartMarch 21st: New Orleans, LA — Closed

Add to CartMarch 23rd: Tampa, FL — Closed

Add to CartApril 25th: Los Angeles, CA  — Closed

Add to CartApril 27th: San Diego, CA  — Closed

Add to CartMay 16th: New York, NY  — Closed

Add to CartMay 18th: Philadelphia, PA  — Closed

Add to CartJune 20th: Seattle, WA – Details — Closed

Add to CartJune 22nd: Portland, OR – Details — Closed